Lavender Rose Design… the beginning

Well… this was a long time coming. For anyone who truly knows me, knows I have always been a crafty person. As a kid, I spent hours upon hours scrapbooking my life away. I would make one book per year. It highlighted the best things that happened, all the movies I saw, sporting events I attended, places I visited. Dollars upon dollars went into my craft supplies. I would make scrap books for birthday presents, baby showers, a child’s first year all while making a mess in my parents basement (SORRY MOM & DAD!). 

Fast forward a few years, I got a job at a Catering hall. I started to see all the planning that went into weddings, sweet 16’s, engagement parties etc. I loved the it, the design work that went into making events so beautiful was a true outlet for my creativity. Nothing made me happier then seeing an event come to life.  There was something about the chaos behind the scenes but the beauty going on in the front that gave me a rush. 

Now, a few (more than a few) years after that. Time and time again I told myself “I’m going to do this”. And time and time again I didn’t. As you get older you truly start to think about what you want your life to look like from here on out. For me, I see this. So yes, this has been a LONG time coming with a long way to go but, here’s to the beginning!

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